Stakeholder Outreach Events

            As part of its outreach program to keep industry stakeholders apprised of issues relating to chassis provisioning, OCEMA representatives frequently address industry groups.  The following is a list of events where OCEMA or CCM representatives have participated or plan to participate in the future.   If you are a member of a group that would like to schedule an OCEMA or CCM representative to speak at an upcoming event, please contact one of the following individuals:


            Jeff Lawrence, Executive Director, OCEMA                

            Jennifer Sharpe, Assistant to Executive Director, OCEMA

            Phil Wojcik, President, CCM                                      


Schedule of Events

TSA Shipper Meeting San Francisco, CA January 6, 2011
Philadelphia World Trade Association Philadelphia, PA February 16, 2011
Savannah Traffic Club Savannah, GA February 17, 2011
Trans Pacific Maritime Conference Long Beach, CA March 8, 2011
Intermodal Association of Chicago Chicago, IL April 4, 2011
Transportation Club of Jacksonville Jacksonville, Fl April 14, 2011
American Association of Port Authorities Webinar April 26, 2011
Midwest Foreign Commerce Club Chicago, IL April 28, 2011
Virginia Trade Symposium Norfolk, VA May 5, 2011
IANA Operations & Maintenance Seminar Oak Brook, IL May 5, 2011
Waterfront Coalition Savannah, GA May 24, 2011
Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference Webinar June 2, 2011
GCCP Supplier Conference Houston, TX June 5, 2011
American Association of Port Authorities Long Beach, CA June 8, 2011
Charleston Motor Freight Association Charleston, SC June 16, 2011
HRCP II Motor Carrier Summit Norfolk, VA August 15, 2011
SE Freight Conference Memphis, TN October 6, 2011
ATA Management Conference Dallas, TX October 17
Houston Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association Houston, TX November 16, 2011